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About Us

Unbelievable Supply, Unbeatable Service

Osage Hardware is a family-owned hardware store, located in the heart of Osage City. We are a full-service hardware store offering supplies and services for homeowners, DIY-enthusiasts, contractors, and everyone in between!

Competitive prices with excellent customer service, only from your friends at Osage Hardware.

Osage Hardware

Family-owned and operated by Colton and Danielle Hallgren since 2018, we serve retail and contractor customers throughout Osage county with a wide range of project solutions. 

We carry a wide selection of unique specialty items as well as items to meet your everyday needs! From general hardware and paint mixing, to tools and fully-stocked garden center, we deliver quality products to fit the job. View our full catalog here!

If we don't have it, make sure to ask and we will gladly

order it for you!

Come see for yourself why Osage Hardware is the best place to shop!

533 Market St.
Osage City, KS 
(785) 528-4323

Monday - Friday:
8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Closed Sunday


Young Retailer of the Year

Awarded by the North American Hardware and Paint Association for Osage Hardware's substantial commitment to excellence in the industry and their community.


Emerging Business of the Year

Awarded by the Kansas Small Business Development Center for Osage Hardware's exceptional vision and drive to overcome challenges.


Our Story

Owners and operators of Osage Hardware, Dani and Colton Hallgren grew up in Osage City, they never imagined they would be the proud owners of the local hardware store.


Colton and Dani were more than familiar with the store before becoming owners in September 2018. In fact, during his high school years, Colton worked in the store - for Willie and Mary Sue Atchison, the previous owners of Osage Hardware. Following High School Colton served in the United States Marine Corps. During that time Colton and Danielle got married, and were stationed in California for four years. Before leaving for California Willie joked that he would sell his house and store to Colton when he returned so that he and his wife Mary Sue could retire in Arizona.

Although Colton and Danielle contemplated this initial offer, they weren't seriously considering it until they moved back to Osage City in 2016. Colton went into Osage Hardware to purchase a dog house, but left with dinner plans to discuss buying the store.

Driven by the desire to provide a much needed service to their community, Colton and Dani decided they would start saving their money to commit to purchasing the store.

Dani and Colton put their time in working for and learning from the Atchisons. After two years learning the ins and outs of the business and saving their pennies, all while raising two boys, Colton and Danielle bought Osage Hardware.


Today, the Hallgrens are still putting their all into Osage Hardware. In the first year, they put on a new roof, updated part of the tile floor, painted, and converted the store to LED.

In year two, Osage Hardware opened their Garden Center in the empty lot neighboring the store. The Garden Center provides space for a greater variety of live plants, mulch, outdoor furniture, grills, etc. for the community to shop. The space also acts as host to the community farmers market, started by Dani!


Osage Hardware is all about community involvement and outreach. When they're not working hard to improve the store, you can find the Hallgren family (including hardware store pup Sadie!) volunteering their time to the community, supporting local recreation, and advocating for local businesses.

You can stay up to date with the whole Osage Hardware crew by following them on Facebook!

"This community is the only reason we can keep the doors open, we want to support them in return"
Thank You Osage City!

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